Welcome to the journal of KT Tools…..

KT Tools is a little country workshop in Tropical Kent. A place where you won’t find tidy workshops…rows of polished, unused tools and only a few new machines or devils with tails as a famous craftsman used to call them!

My workshop is a veritable cavern of tinkering, antiques, vintage tools and machines. With this arsenal of antiquity…you will find me bouncing from project to project as my whim dictates.

My favourite interest is in old tools…mostly for fashioning wood of a bygone era…and especially rare and useful tools which deserve resurrection.

Usually in the workshop I have an assistant…my mate ALFIE…

Alfie...my workshop assistant

Every so often we will be posting our latest whittlings…and we welcome contributions from all over the world from people who, like us believe old tools and their history are well worth restoring.


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15 Responses to Welcome to the journal of KT Tools…..

  1. hagheid says:

    Re PM UKworkshop.co.uk Brass Taps. These are indeed for sale. I have several other woodworking items available. Apologies for using this blog but as a ‘newbie’ I appear unable to respond to a PM

  2. Hans says:

    Hi Jim

    You make some nice-looking stuff! I saw a forum thread on http://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/ about INCA bandsaws, and saw a couple lignum guides you’d made for a fellow. I was hoping I could order a set from you for my INCA, which I’m fixing up.



  3. Mike Wallace says:

    I’ll be keeping my eyes on you, brother…

  4. Bill says:

    This is great stuff Jimi. Love the work on the planes. Keep the pics loading. You really have an artists eye for tools and it’s great to know they will be used and not just “Wall Hangers”. Alfie is the best tool mate I’ve ever seen!

  5. Pete Humphries says:

    He has a real artists, full stop!

  6. jimi43 says:

    HA! Thanks for all your comments Peter.

    You are welcome to come up and visit the HUMBLE BASE TELESCOPE (HBT) before you return to South America…..

    If you can handle ALFIE that is! :O)

  7. Adrian says:

    I saw some of the lovely African Blackwood handles on some of your tools and am looking for something similar to be attached to an antique copper milk pan I have. The pan’s well over 100 years old and doesn’t have the original handle – it was replaced by a not very nice one. I’m interested to know if you would consider fixing a new one to it and how much you might charge for a job like that. I can send along a picture if you like.
    Best wishes & great blog!

  8. Mike Wasson says:

    You seem to be the resident expert on MF #1 spokeshaves and I thank you for that. I followed you instructions on how to sharpen my cigar spokeshave and it works like a charm. I have a question about it however. The one I have has 2 sets of factory machined screw holes , set at 90 degrees to one another and the manf. date is Nov 1884 but the patent date is june of 1885. Any idea what, if anything that it means ?
    Thanks for your time
    Mike W.

  9. Ben says:

    Hi Jim, I’ve followed you over from Instagram. You should have this info on your bio on IG.

  10. Russell Staples says:

    Sir, I have a very old S biggins and son 3 1/2 ppi rip saw. It has almost all of the blade and the nib is even there. It cuts nicely but very slow, which makes no sense because, ahem, 3 1/2 ppi. Is this a saw worth having redone by a professional saw person(i.e. Bad Axe)? Thanking you in advance, Rusty Staples

    • jimi43 says:

      Hi Rusty! Absolutely…all old saws are well worth restoring but at 3.5ppi you should be able to do it yourself. These are huge teeth. Just Google saw sharpening and have a go! The worst that can happen is you will end up sending it to a pro to fix. I always send mine for sharpening but the huge 3ppi one I have I do myself…and it works beautifully!



  11. robert strauss says:

    Hi Jim,
    Will you be publishing your articles you wrote on wkfine tools .com on your web sight as their web sight is now closed .
    Kind Regards,

  12. jimi43 says:

    Hi Rob

    Yes…but as there are over 100 separate articles I shall be attempting this over the winter months when it is less comfortable working outside! 🙂

    In the meantime all the original articles are on the Facebook Unplugged Woodworkers group and can be browsed in full or searched for by using my name as the search subject.

    Thank you for your comment and interest in these articles.

    Wiktor says he has plans for future archives but as yet I am unsure what these are.



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