The Dumbbell Nebula – Messier 27

Equipment ADM/TMB 105mm LZOS refractor – 0.8x WO III reducer/flattener – ATIK 450 OSC CCD colour camera – 11x 300s subs and darks only -15 deg C – Deepskystacker, PS CS3


Even though this object is numbered “27” on the Messier list of objects….it was the first he discovered so it is fitting that it should be the first one I will tick off my list as I record as many of the 110 objects Charles records.

M27 is found in the constellation of VULPECULA and for me…this meant rising in the East. This is particularly difficult for me as the HST Observatory in my garden looks out at a huge eucalyptus tree and I was fortunate that the rising of M27 into my view occurred just shy of the top of the tree!

This is the first successfully finished imaged taken with my new ATIK 450 One-Shot-Colour CCD astronomical camera. My choice of an OSC camera over a B/W mono camera favoured by astro imagers is as a result of the poor weather we have in the UK. We get so few clear nights that taking multiple mono images, each of a different “colour” over many hours is a mammoth task…something I may get into as time progresses and winter approaches.

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3 Responses to The Dumbbell Nebula – Messier 27

  1. Paul Johnston says:

    Superb image Jimi.
    Did Alfie have a paw (hand) in this image??

  2. jimi43 says:

    Hi Paul and thanks for your kind comments my friend.

    ALFIE always has a paw in everything I do…he is my faithful companion and he loves the floor in the observatory as it’s soft and warm.

    I keep tripping over him in the dark though as he has a habit of moving about during the night….short attention span!!


    Jimi and ALFIE

  3. Pete Humphries says:

    The entire picture could be in 3D it has that feel. A wonderful translucent quality. Not bad for an Instagram.

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