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After training as an engineer in the late 1970s, I went to work for an international communications giant for the overseas engineering staff.

Every few years I moved…usually from one island to another working on satellite earth stations and other radio and fibre equipment.

After 28 years of hopping from country to county I was made redundant and started working for myself in many roles…property development, hotel management and even a few weeks as a PA for a company director…..(but we don’t talk about that!).

Following a heart bypass in 2011…I decided to retire and concentrate on my first loves of woodworking and astrophotography….both of which take up more time than is possible to find during a 24 hour day!

At the same time I seemed to have acquired a partner…ALFIE…who was a rescue dog found as a puppy having been thrown from a moving car.


Of all the decisions in my life…taking on ALFIE as a workshop buddy was probably up there with the best of them….when he’s not wanting to know what’s going on next that is!!

Most of my projects appear on the pages of this blog…feel free to comment…we like to chat with anyone with like interests from all over the world in the woodworking and astronomy communities.

Send me a message here or catch me on my FACEBOOK page or email me.

Jim Hendricks
KT Tools

September 2014

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  1. A.T. Wiggins says:

    enjoyed a visit to this site. Thank you for taking the time to share your stuff with others.
    Seeing the change you were able to coax out of the right side of a shaving by bedding with your Japanese chisel is, well at the same time inspirational and intimidating. As I try to wrap my mind around the decimals and zeros my muscels talk back to me saying “dude howed he do that?” Then I have to settle down and think it through. Let’s see, wakes up. Check, we do that. Go to the bathroom. Check, me too. Eat, drink, brush teeth, go to the shop. Yep, all doable. Oh wait, back up, did I miss something? Oh yea , pants. I wonder? Left then right, or right then left. Does it matter if I’m right handed and he’s a lefty? Note to self. I’ll try both easy n see if I notice a difference.
    Mabe I missed something. Could it all have started with go to bed? Maybe that’s it.
    So do you lay down and wonder things like, well I got tha old plane finished up and its ever so much closer to the perfect tool than it was but what if I don’t call it done quit yet. Now if tomorrow I just run in there and do thus n so a little closer tighter better before I call it good enough. What can I do to improve that chisel’s edge, my grip on the handle, that angle to the bench, my stance, the lighting, my concentration, the bench hight, myzzzzzz. Then do you wake up thinking things like, ” yea I believe I’ll see if I can take just a little off that right side and bed the blade a little better n the shavings should even out. Ok now let’s see is it right foot first? Or did I do that yesterday meaning th try left first today? Surely there is a better way to start out every day you want to end up better every night?”
    Or. Are you just that good accidentally?
    Thanks again for your insights and pix. A.T.
    If you happen to go to my brag site, I mean web site, the images will only show on a PC not on Mac. Something about flash and Java.

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