Spiers Box Smoother

This is a really old Spiers infill…from Scotland. I have only ever seen one other and that was on an Australian website…if you have one of these little beauties let me know!

Old Spiers Infill

It was quite difficult identifying this plane at first as the lever cap had been bashed about a bit…

Spiers lever cap

….but turning the image upside down…clearly showed the famous name….

Spiers lever cap upside down logo

…and this plane shaves just as well now as when it was made back in the 1800s…

Old Spiers infill

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    1. Hans Brunner says:

      I sold an identical plane about 20 years ago but kept no pictures. The upside down Spiers mark is not confined to the early planes but the screwed construction and the domed lever cap screw certainly are. This definitely is one of the early production models. Spiers claimed to have started in 1840 but by 1861 he still gave his profession as cabinet maker and plane maker. This plane would have been made in that period. Do you mind if I use your pic in a book a write about infill planes? Great find!

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