Coffin Smoother

This one is a standard coffin smoother…the most common of the infill breed.

Sorby infill iron

It has a Sorby iron so I will call it a Sorby for now but it could be one of many of the makers of the period. The lever cap is like an old Spiers in many ways but there is no name stamp…so the jury is still out….

Old Coffin Smoother

As you can see…it has had some work…the most obvious being the replacement of the front infill…rather crudely.

I decided that since this was not original anyway…I would replace this part….I learned quite a bit along the way….

Sorby Coffin Smoother

I screwed up with this as it should be overstuffed onto the sides…but it took so long to do…I will use it like this for now and make another one when I get better at it.

The retrofitting of the front infill to perfect shape after the plane is constructed is not the easiest of things to achieve…trust me!

2 Responses to Coffin Smoother

  1. Toby says:

    Just a thought, instead of replacing the front bun again you could cut down to the top of sides and dowel the overstuffed top part. Like my spires and many others. All the same a very good job and I also know the task isn’t easy.
    Doing it without any guide or references (older parts) would be a nightmare, like the 3
    Top marks.

    • Jim Hendricks says:

      Cheers Toby.

      I will be replacing the entire bun some time soon as the slope on the inside could be more accurate too.

      More later


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