Shooting Board Plane

For a long while I have thought about making a shooting board and needed to select a plane which would be suitable for using as a shooting plane.

Since the little rectangular Spiers is near perfectly square on the side that I wanted relative to the sole…I thought that this would make an ideal candidate…

Shooting board plane

But in order to use it in a shooting configuration…i.e. on its side…I needed a handle to make shooting with it more comfortable…

The classical design is called the “Hotdog” for obvious reasons and fits to the side of planes like the Stanley No.9 Mitre Plane.

I decided to turn one up on my old Taylor lathe out of some nice Indian Rosewood I had left over… and with the addition of a couple of “accidental” beads…make it look fit for the era…

Shooting board plane hotdog

The fit is by friction….the slot being cut accurately and tight….

Shooting board plane hotdog

I now need to make a shooting board befitting this little beauty…and try it out…

Shooting board plane hotdog

…and an added benefit…you can use it right or lefthanded!

2 Responses to Shooting Board Plane

  1. Toby says:

    Wonderfully done jimi, the hotdog is a great idea and using a plane of that type . Great work keep it up.

    • jimi43 says:

      Cheers Toby…I use that plane all the time. In fact..I just used it to make bits for the observatory. Stewart would be astounded that one of his first masterpieces was still being used in the 21st Century!

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