There comes a time when sentiment has to be thrust aside for functionality…and the old Myford ML1…my first lathe just has to go now to make way for a new lathe which will meet the tolerances I need and certainly the ease of use!

Used to build Spitfires in WW2…this baby has seen a lot of action…

Myford ML1

…not to mention the “Heath Robinson” drive mechanism!

So…ALFIE and me splashed out on a new one….

Sieg C6B lathe

Ok…it’s Chinese…but at a snip on FleaBay…it works for us….

Sieg C6B restored

After some instruction from ALFIE…I was up and running…

ALFIE and the Sieg

He even had a go himself…..

ALFIE working the new lathe!

I’m sure we will do many things on this beauty…it has variable speed and much larger capacity, torque….and has no wear at fact…it still had the red grease on it….that’s a laugh to get off!

Check back often for more adventures!

ALFIE and Jim

2 Responses to Lathes

  1. Andrew Startup says:

    I have inherited a lathe of this model and I wonder what you paid for it? It seems to be quite rare as there are hardly any pictures on the internet at all. Any help would be appreciated.


    • jimi43 says:

      Hi Andrew.

      Which lathe are you referring to…there are two on this page.

      If you mean the first one it is a Myford ML1 and is fairly common. I paid £100 for mine and have subsequently given it away to a young lad who was just starting out.

      The blue one is a more modern Chinese one by Sieg Model C6B and was an amazing find on eBay at less than £200!

      They go for a lot at Axminster…that model is still available.

      Hope this helps


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