FINALLY…I got the milling machine I wanted!!

Sieg (Axminster) SX2 Milling machine

This is ALFIE concentrating hard on understanding what it does and how it works.

A milling machine will give me a huge help in making things for the tools I plan for the near future. I can mill lever caps…the vintage screws…sides of the planes….flatten the soles…loads of things.

So…we set about cleaning all the corrosion protection “gunk” off!

ALFIE cleaning off the gunk from the milling machine

The Chinese no longer use the red wax for protection…that was far too hard to remove for most people…and they now use a kind of grease. It really is horrible stuff and has to come off….

More gunk on the keyways of the SX2

ALFIE made sure that I didn’t miss a bit…


Then the tuition began…ALFIE was interested at first…

SX2 instruction for ALFIE

Annie kept interrupting so we told her to bugger off!!!

Bugger off!

As with the Sieg C6B lathe…this Sieg SX2 milling machine has an infinitely variable motor…

Milling with the SX2

…but this machine uses a brushless motor…which is really very quite indeed and super smooth!

Obviously…I am no expert on these machines yet and so I tested it out on a piece of scrap aluminium…

Face milling aluminium on the Sieg SX2

The ease at which it coped with this job and the quality of the finish was superb.

So…next step…brass and then mild steel!

More adventures from the NEW ALFIE WORKSHOP later!

ALFIE and Jim

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