Philly Planes

For a while now I have been a great admirer of the wonderful plane art of Phil Edwards of Philly Planes.

Phil’s work keeps alive the fine traditions of a time past…when almost every town in England made handplanes for the local carpenter or cabinetmaker…before infill planes and steel soled tools were made popular.

In many ways…these planes performed better than their modern counterparts and especially so ones from the last 30 years.

I recently had the luck to be in the right place at the right time and was finally able to own not just one Philly plane but two.


This beautiful coffin smoother is of slightly smaller proportions than its traditional conterparts….

Philly African Blackwood Coffin Smoother

This black beauty is a true work of art with its black piano finish and sporting a fine HOLTEY iron….

Karl Holtey iron

This is a marriage made in heaven and performs just as good as it looks.


The traditional skew mitre was developed to perform best on end grain….and this is certainly one of the top performers…

Philly Planes Skew Mitre Plane

The iron in this masterpiece is straight out of the Philly stable and is a lethal combination of weight and sharpness…an ideal weapon in the finishing of end grain wood.

Philly Skew Mitre plane iron

I will soon be updating the blog with some performance pictures and findings….but for now I am simply admiring their artwork and learning how to fine tune these for the best results.

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